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Nitrogen and Air Leak Detection

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  • No more taping flanges.
  • No more dewatering and freezing issues.
  • Safely Detect leaks from 100ft away. 
  • 300-1000% faster than traditional techniques.
  • Quicker Start-Up’s.
  • Safer and less labour intensive.

Airborne Ultrasound Leak Detection

As any gas (air, oxygen, nitrogen, etc.) passes through a leak orifice, it generates a turbulent flow with a detectable high frequency.  By scanning the test area with an Ultraprobe, a leak can be heard through the headset as a rushing sound or noted on the display/meter. The closer the instrument is to the leak, the louder the rushing sound and the higher the reading. Should ambient noise be a problem, a rubber focusing probe may be used to narrow the instrument’s reception field and to shield
it from conflicting ultrasounds. In addition, Frequency Tuning dramatically reduces background noise interference to provide
ease of ultrasonic leak detection as never before experienced.